Sea forwarding services sales manager


  • experience,
  • knowledge of English language,
  • sociability;
  • well-developed communication skills aimed at successfully performed forwarding services
  • lateral thinking, successfully address challenges
  • stress resistance..


  • to organize and control cargo carriage;
  • to clarify customers' requests for freight forwarding services.
  • to explore rates for offered freight forwarding services taking into account changes in the tax, price and customs policy.
  • to search, to assess and select the agents;
  • to monitor the location of cargoes, to provide the client with the appropriate information, negotiate the conditions of  the carriage;
  • to control and deal situations which are not performed by orders and contracts;
  • to work out and undertake measures to avoid cargo damage during transportation, loading, unloading, sorting and storage;
  • to carry out operative income and expense relating to the carriage;

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