An electronic preliminary report (EPI)

BelLogatex LLC renders services of the Republic of Belarus customs authority pre-notification. Customs Union Commission's decision № 899 dd 09.12.2011 "On the introduction of a mandatory pre-notification about goods imported into the customs territory of the Eurasian Customs Union by road" made this procedure obligatory.  

For a service of the Republic of Belarus customs authority pre-notification rendering it is necessary to:

1. Enter into a contract for provision of a service of customs authority electronic pre-notification.

2. Send via email the following scanned shipping documents and information not later than 3 hours before the scheduled time of vehicle arrival in RPTO:

2.1. CMR;

2.2. Commercial invoice;

2.3. Packing list, goods specification;

2.4. Vehicle documents;

2.5. Carrier (driver) identity document;

2.6. The way payment of customs payments will be secured:

• Via TIR-Carnet - number, valid date, TIR-Carnet Manifest filled in;

• Via bank guarantee - number, date, bank guarantee amount;

• Via certificates of customs payment guarantee - number, date, amount, certificates period of validity.

2.7. Via which RPTO vehicle will cross the border;

2.8. Cell phone number (e-mail) to which a unique identification number of transportation (UINP) will be sent.

On the basis of the documents received an electronic preliminary report (EPI) will be prepared and sent to the customs authority system. When the information provided is verified, customs authority assigns a unique identification number of transportation (UINP).

Price for EPI submission to the customs authorities is 5 EUR (VAT included) for the first HS code and 1,5 EUR for every next HS code (2 to 50 HS codes), or 1 EUR (VAT included) for 51 to 100 HS codes, or 0,9 EUR (VAT included) for more than 100 HS codes.