Bellogatex LTD renders a full complex of warehouse services in EU (Milan, Prague, Berlin, Warsaw, Vilnius and Riga), Belarus and Russian Federation (more than 20 warehouses).

Warehouses complying with modern technological standards (distributive warehouses; custom warehouse; temporary storage of imported, exported and transit freights) are at our disposal. The warehouses are equipped with up-to-date loading equipment; modern security, fire-prevention and telecommunication systems that meet EU standards. There are the following services offered: warehousing, mechanized and manual cargo works, weighing, sorting, packing, repacking, completing of goods, departure formation, goods marking, including marking by labels, goods movement accounting, making reports on the performed operations and on the goods remaining in the warehouse.

If you have any questions about delivery of your freight, you are welcome to contact us or fill in the online order form on our site.